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Running up the RV3 

This RV-3a was built by Brad Overholzer and is an excellent high quality aircraft. We have overhauled about everything. New panel with GRT EFIS with two axis autopilot and many new gauges.


A new Toy 

The RV-3a is a hoot to fly. Very responsive, fast and light to the touch. 


Memorial Flight for a neighbor gone West. 

JC is lead flying his Eagle, I am #2 in the CJ-6, Julie is #3 in her T-34 and Gerry Hampton is #4 in the Super Swift. This flight was in memory of Jerry Ross. 


Departing Cameron Park 

Gathering speed departing the Airpark, September 2011    


On June 5, 2011 we flew a *missing man formation* flight for one of our oldest residents during his memorial here. Jim Williams was a close friend and fellow pilot here for 35 years. 
Flying lead is Brian Lloyd in Tyson Essenmacher's Yak-52, I am #2 in the CJ-6a, and that is Julie Clark in her T-34 flying #3, and in the Super Swift is Gerry Hampton flying in #4 position. 


Welcome to Cameron Airpark

Here is the entrance to the Airpark... 


Satelite photo of Cameron Airpark

Here is the layout of the Taxiways, Runway, Lake and local area. The Airpark has had all the taxiways repaved and striped. Cameron Park Airport District ( CPAD ) is a Special District in California and is managed and operated and owned in behalf of the property owners. The Runway is *Public Use*, 4050 foot long, paved and lighted with a PLASI. The identifier is Oscar 61. 
( O61 ). 

Airpark Show and Shine 2010

This past October ( and every October ) was the annual Show and Shine at Cameron Airpark. The Chevy wagon is not included... with the home listed !! :-) 
Oh... can't see the home in this shot? Call me.. 
I will send you all the information and pictures.. 
Of the current offerings. This home is SOLD,


New Years Day 2008 flight 

At Cameron we have a tradition... whomever is interested and qualified get together to do a little formation flying. Brian Lloyd is lead in Tyson's Yak, Gerry Hampton is flying his super Swift. Lots of fun.


More pix of the Formation 1/1/08

About to enter the upwind for the overhead break. 


Brian doing a little preflight with the *FNG*

Before flying Lead, Brian is briefing the New Guy. 


Christmas 2007 

Finally the house is done and here is one shot from mid December... 

Our Christmas card picture for 2007

Merry Christmas 2007!


MSNBC Article 

If you put this link into your browser a recent feature story about Cameron Airpark can be viewed. Nicely done story. 


Show and Shine October 2004

Hey, did you make it to this year's Show and Shine? Fun and great stuff to see! 


Cameron Airpark in the 1960's

Take a look at how the Airpark started some 35+ years ago. This shot is taken on short final to runway 13. Not much there to look at back then. 


Cameron Airpark aerial picture

This is a birds eye view of one of the finest Airparks in the country. At 1286 feet MSL it's above the valley fog yet below the Sierra snow line. Included is a 4000 ft paved (RWY 13 ), lighted and fenced runway, 100 foot wide paved taxiways and a whole bunch of pilots that like the same stuff! Why drive home from the airport when you can just FLY HOME!. Lots start at about $160,000. for a good level homesite. Home prices are all over the board depending on size, age, condition, location, etc... The range can be as wide as $250,000. to $850,000. or more. 
There are homes recently constructed which may have pushed values over the million dollar mark. 

As in any neighborhood there are current events and ongoing issues involving subjects like the maintenance of facilities, financial condition of the District, obstruction lighting project, recreational and educational opportunities, etc. that anyone considering living here should become aware of. That said, Airpark living offers utility, convienience, intrigue and much enjoyment. 


Nanchang CJ-6a we call *Betty*

*Betty* is a Chinese flight training aircraft designed by Bushi Chiang in the late 1950's and is still produced today in Nanchang China. I was a partner with Brian Lloyd, who is responsible for the importing and restoration of this reliable, fun aircraft. This is an honest and balanced design with no bad habits but the systems are a bit different. Pneumatics instead of hydraulics make things move, and the 9 cylinder radial engine has 285 hp and starts with airpressure. Temps and pressure readings are in the metric system. 


Departing Cameron Airpark 

Nanchang CJ-6a departing runway 31 at Cameron. 
There is one fuel self serve FBO, two aircraft maintenance companies, restaurants, car rental and available tiedowns here. The Airpark is governed by its own five member elected Board of Directors. Yearly airpark dues are just $300.00 per year now, but I expect that to go up substancially in the future. The Taxiways/streets have been completely repaved and are like new. There is a 20 yr bond payment of approx. $975./year, billed with property taxes. Also, many residents help by volonteering for Airpark projects. 








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